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Racing Game

A racing game usually involves covering a certain distance or space. Whoever gets to the finish line first is declared the winner of the racing game. If years ago, a racing game may only happen on the streets, modern advancement now features many type of racing game online or through a game console. An online racing game may now be played even in the comfort of your own home. Here are some popular examples to choose from:

Racing game downloads for younger players

There are many racing game downloads available online. Some games have been made by racing game developers to cater to young children. These car racing game downloads often employ colourful graphics and simple tracks that young children can play. Many types of car racing game for kids are known for their simplicity. Despite having less challenging game levels, this type of car racing game actually help young players develop their computer skills. Aside from this, different types of car racing game can also double as educational tools for some subjects. For instance, a racing game for kids may require solving a math problem before the player may get to the finish line.

Car racing games for kids may also feature colourful obstacles or items that they can pick up along the racing track. This may give them extra points or power-ups, but more importanly, these items can help them be more familiar with objects, sounds and colours.

Other types of online racing game downloads

*Car racing game
Car racing game downloads are among the most common types of game downloads. There are different car racing game downloads available for everyone. A car racing game can be played against the computer or an opponent.

*Bike racing game
Motorbikes and bicycles are vehicles used in this type of racing game downloads. Instead of racing with four wheels, bike racing game downloads use two-wheeled vehicles. Performing stunts and racing over rough terrain are often the challenges in this type of racing game downloads.

*Horse racing game online
Aside from vehicles, you can also play a racing game using a game character that's mounted on a horse. The objective of this racing game is to go through the obstacles and complete a course or a track. Though skill is required in this racing game, the fastest one to do all challenges is the real winner.

*Animal racing game online
Players can also choose to play animal racing game downloads. Aside from horses, players can find games that race bugs, rats, puppies and other animals. Though generally developed for children, these racing game downloads can also be played by adults for sheer fun.